Yankees Fans Should Be Patient As Team Takes Shape


The Yankees right now are tinkering the roster. While the crosstown Mets add a big bat in Michael Cuddyer this week and Victor Martinez re-signed with the Detroit Tigers, the Yankees re-signed Chris Young and added two lefties in the trade of Justin Wilson for Francisco Cervelli and the signing of Jose De Paula. You know what? That’s okay.

First of all, the Yankees have spent a TON of money in free agency and are now locked into contracts where they can’t really make a big move for a position player. Sure, they could trade for Troy Tulowitzki or sign Hanley Ramirez to play shortstop. They could surprise everyone and take Pablo Sandoval off the free agent market or keep Chase Headley. They could sign Max Scherzer to have their THIRD $100 million arm in the rotation.

Or, they can tinker. They can upgrade the bullpen like they have with Wilson. DePaula could be a sleeper candidate for the rotation, or take over David Huff‘s role in the bullpen as the lefty that pitches multiple innings if need be. Young gives them more power in the outfield than Ichiro Suzuki had, but isn’t as good a defender as him. Is Young the player we saw in the small sample in September, or is the guy who struggled with the Mets?

A lot of the bigger moves are going to come after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. The 40 man roster deadline looms this week. The Non-Tender deadline is Dec 2. There will be more moves made. Just be patient.