Yankees Rumors For David Robertson


Jack Curry of The YES Network has reported that the Yankees are expected to give David Robertson a qualifying offer on Monday. The rate for qualifying offers this year is $15.3 million dollars.

After the offer is extended, Robertson has one week to accept or decline it. If he accepts, the Yankees and Robertson have a one year deal together. If he declines it, he can still work with the Yankees to agree on a different deal. If Robertson ends up with another team after the qualifying offer, the Yankees would receive one compensation draft pick for him.

Robertson did very well in his first season as the Yankees closer after Mariano Rivera’s retirement. Robertson saved 39 games out of 44 opportunities. Though he had a high ERA at 3.08, he had a WHIP of 1.06 and a SO/9 of 13.4.

Many expected the Yankees to give Robertson at least a qualifying offer because of the high likelihood that he could sign elsewhere. A number of teams in both the AL and the NL have a need for a great young closer, and the Yankees already have Dellin Betances ready to take over the spot whenever Robertson leaves. If Robertson looks for a multi-year contract from a team, it is expected to be in the 4 year $50 million dollar range.

Speculation has been forming for months of the Yankees’ off-season plans with Robertson. If what Jack Curry says is true (and with Curry you can almost always take it to the bank) then we will know much more about the money the Yankees will be spending this off-season. Robertson could have one more successful year with the Yankees in 2015 then really cash in before the 2016 season.