Possibilities For A First Base Upgrade

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Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

First Base Upgrade

With Mark Teixeira starting to enter his decline phase and having a significant injury history, first base is a position that could use a bit of help for the Yankees. We’re going to cover some possibilities that might be available this offseason in free agency, by trade, by call-up from the minor leagues, or even by current Yankees. 

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The first option is the most obvious: A return to health and productivity by the incumbent at the position. Going into 2015, Tex is currently 34 years old. He hasn’t been overwhelmingly productive since 2011, and has been somewhat limited the past three years with a variety of injuries. If Teixeira can return to the form he displayed during his time with Rangers, Braves, Angels and the first three years of his Yankee career, the team would be set for the near term.

The potential downside of keeping Tex as the first baseman would be if he is unable to return to health, or if he is too far into his decline phase to be a productive player anymore. Bear in mind, he is going to be 35 not long after the season begins. Also bear in mind that he hasn’t been healthy since 2011. The Yankees also might just decide that he’s a DH at this point of his career.