If Robertson Leaves, Will The Yankees Have Enough In The Bullpen?


One thing that the Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants have taught us the post-season is that you better have a lock-down, power arm bullpen if you want the Championship banner hanging at your park. Neither team would be where they are right now without that. It’s a big reason why the Detroit Tigers and to a lesser extent, the St. Louis Cardinals aren’t playing games right now.

David Robertson will be a free agent and his situation is one of the more sticky ones Brian Cashman will have to deal with for 2015. If he comes back, great, but at what cost? Is it the qualifying offer? Is it a multi-year deal? The Yankees are going to be above the luxury tax again, and having another big money guy may not allow them to get someone else they need.

If D-Rob comes back, you’re set in the seventh, eighth and ninth. Adam Warren, Dellin Betances and Robertson is among the best trios in the game out of the pen.

And if he leaves?

Well, theoretically, Betances and Warren would move up. But who else? Can Shawn Kelley step up? Would Jose Ramirez or Jacob Lindgren step in? Can you trust two rookies to do so? Would they go out and sign Andrew Miller or Sergio Romo or Jason Motte in free agency?

Either way, if Roberston leaves, it gives the Yankees more questions than answers that would have to be addressed for 2015.