Yankees Free Agency Keep Or Dump: David Robertson


We’ve now reached the conclusion and probably the hardest call in the Yankees free agency keep or dump series in closer David Robertson.

Robertson is the toughest one to figure out. The Yankees are in a tough spot with Robertson. The qualifying offer is $15.3 million for 2015. To me, the Yankees have to give him the offer. Why?

Well, if he takes it the Yankees have their closer for next year. It’s a lot yes, but it’s a one year deal and that’s okay. It’s better than having him for let’s say three years at $35 million.

Here’s the thing, building a good bullpen is tough. Just ask the Detroit Tigers and the Los Angeles Dodgers. If Robertson re-signs, you just fortify a strength of your team even further. The Dellin Betances and Robertson combo for the eighth and ninth should be just as effective in 2015.

If they lose D-Rob, and make him the qualifying offer, they get a pick for him, something, as long as the team actually drafts well, can be an asset. They can then take the $15 million and use it towards another arm or two in the bullpen, something Ricky Keeler talked about earlier in the week. 

No matter what some Yankees fans say, Robertson has been one of the best relievers in the game over the past few seasons. Having good relief is becoming more and more of an asset as baseball becomes more and more about having power arms in the bullpen.  He’s just 30 years old.

Final Verdict: Keep