Six Former Yankees Who Could be the Next Hitting Coach

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Jorge Posada

I love Jorge (and yes, I pronounce it George). He has been getting a lot of steam as a possibility as the next Yankees’ hitting coach. I simply never envisioned Hip Hip Jor-ge as a hitting coach, however. He was a tough-nosed, vocal, club house leader. That doesn’t necessarily mean he should become the next hitting coach for the Yankees because the slot is open.

Jorge, to me, is more suited for a bench coach role. Like I said, he his a leader. He is not the guy to shy away from confrontation like Joe Girardi, and if you’re playing like a bum, Posada would most likely tell you. The problem is the relationship between Posada and Girardi and the conundrum if that dynamic could work. Girardi was already driven out of town by Posada once, he’d probably be afraid it would happen again!