The Retirement Gift Box Of Derek Jeter


Having trouble keeping up with Derek Jeter´s retirement gifts? Well, here is a compilation to help you catch up. Besides these treasures, the Captain has also received donations to his Turn 2 Foundation. The updates are thanks to The New York Daily News:

Blue Jays: Three-night stay in Alberta.

Astros: Derek was honored in a special ceremony including Andy Pettitte, Roger Clemens and announcer Milo Hamilton.

Angels: A paddle board with the New York insignia.

Brewers: Bronze replica of his bat and a golf trip to Wisconsin´s Whistling Straits Golf Course.

Mets: Subway Tile artwork featuring number 2 and number 2 cup cakes.

Cubs: Number 2 artwork made from the Cubs scoreboard.

A´s: A Vineyard Tour and a stay at Napa Valley.

Reds: A framed jersey and photos of the day Derek was named Yankees Captain.

White Sox:  A plaque with the names of the Hall of Fame shortstops who have played at U.S. Cellular Field and Comiskey Park. Also a bench made out of bats.

Cardinals: A pair of Stan Musial cufflinks.

Mariners: A seat from the Kingdome where the Captain debuted and got his first hit. Also a hub lot with an engaving in which Robinson Cano thanks Derek for teaching him how to be a leader.

Twins: The last second base used in The Metrodome.

Indians: A pinstriped guitar with number 2.

Rangers: Cowboy boots and a framed photo.

Tigers:  Two seats from old Tiger Stadium and a framed photo collection.

Orioles: A crab mallet with number 2 and a basket of Maryland Steamed Crabs.

Rays: A kayak, a base with number 2 and a framed Don Zimmer jersey.

So there you have it. The mark of a man is found in how much he is loved by others. And Derek Jeter is loved all over Major League Baseball. And the best is yet to come!