What Has Caused The Turn Around of the Yankees Farm System?

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Hands Off! They’re Mine!

Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Oh the trades. So many future stars lost forever. Fred McGriff, Jay Buhner, Jose Rijo and so many others all found great success with other teams over the years. The old “Prospects are not proven” mantra. But lately this too has changed (I know right! I was shocked too!). The telling story goes like this. During this past trade deadline the Philadelphia Phillies offered the Yankees their ace pitcher Cole Hamels in exchange for some of the Yankees best prospects (Presumably Aaron Judge and Luis Severino and others).

Hamels, still fairly young and under team control for multiple seasons ahead is still among the best pitchers in baseball. A few years ago this deal is a no-brainer for the Yankees. Of course they take that deal! That’s a safe bet. If that deal was offered in say 2005, Cole Hamels would be wearing pinstripes as we speak. But, the Yankees said no. Yup I was shocked too! They refused to part with their top prospects Judge, drafted and excelling in the minors and Severino, scouted, signed and dominating in the minors. They kept their home grown players instead of shipping them off to Philly in exchange for a legitimate Major League ace. If that isn’t a telling sign that their whole attitude about developing their own talent I don’t know what is. An easy “Yes” a few years back is now a hard “No” today. The program is changing, people and the Yankees are holding on to their boys.