What Has Caused The Turn Around of the Yankees Farm System?

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Mandatory Credit: MiLB.com

It was only a few years ago when the only thing the Yankees had down in the farm system was some nice uniforms, a bat dog and a multitude of under-performing and unbelievable unimpressive prospects. Perhaps we’ve become so accustomed to saying that their system is dead weight that we’re finding it harder and harder to wake up and smell the coffee.

The truth is, that we as a recently disgruntled fan base have repeatedly failed to notice, is that the Yankees’ farm system has been trending upwards for the past two seasons. Maybe we just like to hear our own voices when we complain about our minor leagues but we seem to overlook actual facts in order to fail that complaint. The Yankees organization get a lot of heat for their handling of the system for the past decade or so now, but in the last two seasons, the Yankees have done a lot to improve their minor league squad and it’s gone largely unrecognized (Unless you’ve read my work before in which case you’ve heard this soap box rant plenty of times).

With two of their most recent standouts getting league-wide attention along with a multitude of other young up and comers making their names more and more known it’s time to stop saying the same old thing and start giving the system it’s dues. But what exactly has caused this turn around?