YGY Staten Island Yankees’ Top 5 Players Of The Week (7/28-8/4)

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Renzo Martini-(Mandatory Credit: estampas.com)

1. 3B Renzo Martini

Martini went from honorable mention on last week’s player list to number one for this week. It is for good reason because over the last week or so, he has been the team’s best hitter in terms of average. Martini is hitting .306 in his last ten games, including a stretch where he went 5-for-11 with two RBI’s against Auburn.

As I mentioned last week, Martini’s hitting has been much improved from where it was in June, when he was hitting a dismal .167. With eight RBI’s in the past ten games, he has been a run-producer for the Baby Bombers that usually hits between eighth and ninth in the batting order.

The extra-base hits have also come in bunches for the 21-year-old as he has three doubles in the last four games. One of the stats, when you take a look at his numbers, is that he has a much better hitter with men on base (.294) as opposed to when nobody is on (.119). The defense has also been improved from him with two errors since July 19th, a stretch that includes 15 games (according to MLB Farm).  He has taken over the everyday third baseman spot on this team. With the numbers going up for the third baseman from Venezuela, he is going to be one of their hitters at the bottom of the order that can drive in runs and try to give this team a boost for their playoff chances.