Johnny Manziel´s Explanation Is Disrespectful To Derek Jeter


Johnny Manziel, how dare you use Derek Jeter to justify your immature behavior? Your contention that your off the field mischief is something that all young athletes, including Jeter, have had to deal with, is utter nonsense.

It is admirable that you want to observe how Jeter conducts himself, according to ESPN. But before you suggest that he has ever done anything even remotely similar to the things you have done, check the facts.

Tell me, when has Jeter ever  gotten himself thrown out of a party? When has he failed to identify himself to police? When has he rolled up a twenty dollar bill in a Las Vegas bathroom, for which there is only one real reason?

The answer is never! That is because Jeter is THE consummate professional. He is THE example of how to do things the right way. It´s  great that you say you recognize this. But don´t be so quick to assume that just because Jeter has been young, he has been like you.  If you recognize that Jeter is worth emulating, then that is what you should do. Don´t tell us that you are trying.

Certainly, Derek would be the first one to wish you well. That is just the way he is, always thinking of others instead of grabbing the spotlight for himself. You say that you know there is a process that you have to go through-that there is a lot that you have to grasp. Well, you are great at talking the talk, now is time to start walking the walk.

There are other baseball players that you could have legitimately compared to yourself at this point.  How about Manny Ramirez, Mark McGwire, or even Alex Rodriguez? They have all had trouble at one time or another taking responsibility for their actions. Instead, they tried to excuse them.

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Like it or not, Johnny, it is not Saturday afternoon anymore. There are guys you will soon face that will want to find out just how tough you are behind that grin. They will be bigger, stronger, and faster than those you have seen before. They are going to pin their ears back with the full intent of picking you up and slamming you down like a bag of potatoes. And there are still others who will try to shake you around like a Doberman with a rag doll.

First, they will force you to stay in the pocket. There will be no place for you to run or hide. You are going to have to show them that you can stand there and take their shots. And you better be able to take it, because if you can´t, the Browns will eventually put you right out on the curb.

Fifteen years from now, Johnny, maybe things will be different. Maybe you will have enough touchdown passes to match Peyton Manning and Super Bowl rings to match Tom Brady. Maybe you will be in line to be a first- ballot Hall of Famer.

Until then, don´t you dare compare yourself to Derek Jeter in any way. You need to do something first.