Cliff Lee Doesn’t Deserve To Wear Yankees Pinstripes


Cliff Lee, you don’t deserve to wear the Yankees’ uniform. You are an overrated, overpaid, has been.

And Yankees’ fans are getting tired of your shenanigans. You deceived us in 2009, when you took a last second detour to Philadelphia. And now, you reportedly don’t have the Yankees on your list of approved destinations, at least not without your permission. Speculation is that you could be playing games in an effort to get an extra year.

Don’t hold your breath. What is your record this year anyway? Aren’t you  4-5? And wasn’t your latest outing  a disaster? In case you are trying to forget, it was 12 hits and six runs in 5.2 innings. Why would the Yankees take on your big contract for that?

The Yankees already have enough big contract, sore arms on the shelf. They don’t need another. And despite your solid record in the postseason, when have you ever been able to finish the deal? Count the number of rings you have won. Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’, and you gotta have somethin’ if you wanna be with the Yankees.

Of course, you will probably say you don’t want us anymore than we want you. That’s okay. Just stop playing the childish games. Admit it, the real reason you keep avoiding the Yankees is because you know you can’t handle the pressure of New York, isn’t that right? Sorry, but we don’t need another A.J. Burnett, Carl Pavano, Randy Johnson, or Ed Whitson.

Instead of playing in Yankee Stadium, The Royal Palace of Baseball, it’s easier for you to keep leveraging teams with that overblown contract of yours. You should take that contract as far away from New York as you can get. Why don’t you go way out to Seattle? That would be far enough. You could join that Benedict Arnold who is already out there.

And we don’t need your appalling attitude either. You seemed to have no remorse for the odor you passed at the end of a recent interview. Instead,  you only wanted to confirm that your posterior blunder made the highlights. For years, we thought that it was high heat that was causing hitters to leave the batter’s box shaking their heads. But maybe it wasn’t heat that breezed by them, maybe it was gas.

Sorry Cliff, but that’s not something Derek Jeter, Joe DiMaggio or Joe Torre would have done, and you don’t deserve to wear the same uniform that they wore either.