Bomber Bites: Will The Yankees Go Overboard At The Deadline?


As someone that covers the Yankees on a daily basis, it is interesting to read what other sites, beat writers, MLB Insiders, and especially the fans think the team should do as we approach the July 31st non-waiver trading deadline next week. One of the main topics we as a staff are constantly discussing via emails, message boards and social media, are the exact same topics. At the end of the day however, only Brian Cashman and his staff can determine what course of action the Bronx Bombers will take, and how far they are willing to go to try and bring title #28 to the Bronx.

We know that Cash has made two moves: one for pitching help with Brandon McCarthy, which appears to be a sensational move through two starts, and of course the trade that brought an immediate upgrade to the hot corner in Chase Headley from the San Diego Padres. Cashman says his work isn’t done. That fact we can all agree on, but how much work is he going to put in? Will we see the end of Gary Sanchez in Baby Bomber pinstripes, along with a bevy of other lower level, but talented prospects for a proven hired gun like a Cole Hamels or even a David Price?

Mandatory Credit: Chad R. MacDonald.

If the Yankees and Brian Cashman are smart, they will dip their toe into the pool, but not go all-in. Cole Hamels isn’t worth emptying the farm system. Not when you look at this winter’s free agent class, which is loaded with top-flight starting pitchers. Sure, it won’t help this year’s squad, but it’s not the pitching that’s been the issue. While four of the original starting five in the rotation on are the shelf, their replacements have kept the Yankees in the ball game night in and night out. Can you remember the last time the Yankees were blown out?

The Yankees instead, need to focus on acquiring another bat. There are plenty of teams that are now in the position of dumping salary. Players are available who won’t cost the Yankees their future, but can help push the Bombers past both the Blue Jays and the Orioles in the AL East. Nobody knows who is going to win a pennant or the World Series. Did anyone really believe heading into October last year, that Boston would come out on top?

Common sense and looking at the bigger picture is how the Yankees need to approach the next week. Instead of going overboard for someone like a Hamels, check in on a Josh Willingham. Instead of overpaying for someone that has no desire to be in the Bronx (Cliff Lee), check in on a second baseman (Aaron Hill) from a team that will most likely be ripped apart this coming off-season (the Diamondbacks). There are options out there. Brian Cashman and company just need to find them, and not overreact to an offense that has failed to live up to expectations. Do we really expect Carlos Beltran and Brian McCann to slump the entire season? If we do, the Yankees have a bigger problem than trading for upgrades. If the pair slump for the entire season, the roster was flawed before a pitch was ever thrown.