Yankees Trade Rumors: Is Peter O’Brien Trade Bait?


Power is scarce is the sport of baseball right now. Whether it’s the removal of PEDs, or pitchers throwing harder than ever, the ball is not exactly flying out of stadiums this season. One Yankee prospect, however, isn’t effected by this. He’s tied for second in all of minor league baseball with 23 homers.

Peter O’Brien, someone who’s been talked about a lot on this site, is that man. So why is he trade bait according to the NY Daily News’ John Harper?

Well, first of all, with all the depth the Yankees have at catcher, and O’Brien’s lack of defensive prowess at the position, he’s been moved around to first and the outfield this year in his rise to Double-A. The Yankees have some holes there organizationally, but according to Harper, it was also a move to showcase O’Brien, who scouts say isn’t ready yet for the show (He’s only hitting .225 in Double-A)

The Yankees are in a good position right now, and they clearly need another starter (sorry Vidal Nuno, any support from me is now gone). In trades, you do have to give to get, and there will be competition from other teams to get pitching.

Clearly, O’Brien has some ability, and he might be a young power bat to add to an aging core in two years when he’ll be ready. It would also be nice for the Yankees to have developed their own regular position player, something they haven’t done in a few years.

If O’Brien means getting Andrew Cashner or Jeff Samardzija, I’d have to think about it. If it’s for someone older (Cliff Lee), I’d keep him.