Yankees Are Caught In The Middle Again


Mar 29, 2014; Tampa, FL, USA; New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman talks on the phone before a scheduled spring training exhibition game against the Miami Marlins at George M. Steinbrenner Field was rained out. Mandatory Credit:

David Manning


The New York Yankees have started this year with a 28-24 record. It’s good enough for second place in a division that is quite competitive. The Yankees were in a similar spot last year around this time. There were injuries to key players like Mark Teixeira and Derek Jeter last year and Tex, Carlos Beltran, CC Sabathia etc this year. The Yankees are in the same conundrum as last year; trade the farm to help the team or keep the team and possibly miss out on the playoffs.

Maybe they could pull a trade for Jeff Samardzija, but it would cost them any of Gary Sanchez, Luis Severino, Peter O’Brien and Aaron Judge (once the draft is over since he can’t be traded right now).  They could use other prospects like Rafael De Paula or John Ryan Murphy to pull of trades for guys like  Jason Hammel.

Would it help though? Is it worth trading the farm in a system that’s lacking with prospects at the upper levels to help the major league club?

That’s what Brian Cashman has to deal with. This is what happens when you don’t draft well and you draft Gerit Cole who wanted to go to college and didn’t want to sign. When you draft Dante Bichette Jr and four years later he’s only at Tampa (though playing better). When the only guy to contribute from your 2008 class is David Phelps.

Right now, would I deal the farm? No. I’m not sure the team as constituted can get to the playoffs or make noise in it.

The Yankees, even for spending so much in the off-season, are in a similar spot to where they were last season. Good, but probably not good enough, and I don’t think mortgaging the future would help.