Babe Ruth´s Daughter Reveals His Unfulfilled Dream


Babe Ruth and his daughter during happier times. Mandatory Credit: NY Post

never fulfilled his biggest dream, according to his daughter Julia Stevens Ruth. And she believes the reason had nothing to his do with his flamboyant lifestyle.

“Daddy really wanted to manage,” she said.

But of course, The Babe never got his chance. Popular belief is that owners didn´t feel he would have been able to control his players. How could he manage others if he couldn´t always contol himself?

But his daughter has a different idea. She suggested that it was really because of his association with black celebrities.“Daddy would have had blacks on his team, definitely,” Stevens said.“I remember him talking about ,” she said of the Hall of Fame pitcher who was not allowed to play in the major leagues until he was 42. “Daddy thought Satchel Paige was great.”

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The Babe met many black athletes and celebrities at the  Cotton Club in New York City. One of his friends, a tap dancer named , went by the name of Bojangles. Ruth reportedly invited Robinson into the Yankees clubhouse. Robinson even served as an honorary pallbearer at Ruth´s funeral.

And she is convinced that her father would have been an excellent manager.

“He really thought he deserved to manage. Daddy knew baseball. He always felt he would be a better manager than . He always talked about that.”

Former Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert did recognize the calming affect that his marriage to his wife Claire had on him.  “I think Ruth will make a splendid manager, Ruppert said.  ¨He’s settled down and he’s very serious about his future.”

Stevens Ruth was in St. Petersburg to  commemorate  the city´s 100th anniversary of spring training in Florida. The Yankees trained there from 1925 until 1961. After that, they moved their spring training headquarters to South Florida at Fort Lauderdale Stadium.