Stephen Drew Declined An Offer From The Yankees This Winter


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As of Tuesday, four teams are reportedly “in” on free-agent shortstop Stephen Drew — with the Boston Red Sox and New York Mets being the obvious — but the Yankees are not one of them.

That is according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post, the Yankees offered Drew a contract earlier in the offseason, believed to be two or three years, but he declined it, looking for something a little more long-term — in the four or five-year range. Since then, the Yanks have stopped their pursuit.

Drew has been drawing a lot of interest from Yankees fans this winter, with many of them questioning the fact that the Yankees have no interest in signing him to, at the very least, play third base for them while Derek Jeter plays out his final season.

Also from Sherman, the Yankees offered Drew a one-year contract after the 2012 season to play third base, but he declined, signed with the Boston Red Sox, and the Yankees then signed Kevin Youkilis to a one-year, $12 million deal.

The fact that they have no interest has really been confusing. Having him on the roster, they would be able to fill a big hole at third base, while also having him in case Jeter gets injured at any point this season, and to, as I mentioned above, replace The Captain when he retires after this season.

Recent reports from claim that Drew is willing to except a multi-year deal with an opt-out clause after the first year.

In some way, the opt-out could potentially help the Yankees.

In signing him, they would be giving up a second round pick in this summer’s draft, so they’re not taking much of a hit there. But they could gain from him next winter if he has a good season in 2014, opts-out, and signs elsewhere after rejecting a qualifying offer from the Bombers.

Getting him at the right price has been something that I’ve been cautioning the Yankees to do. They really need a third baseman, and Drew would be better than the current options there.

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