MLBPA Fires Back At MLB For “60 Minutes” Interviews


John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Major League Baseball has issued their own statement regarding the MLBPA’s original statement:

“We have notified the Major League Baseball Players Association on numerous occasions that we intended to respond to all of the attacks on the integrity of our Joint Drug Program. Those attacks continued yet again yesterday with Mr. Rodriguez’s statement. Out of respect to the grievance process and at the request of the MLBPA, we waited until a decision was rendered to make our response.

“It is ironic that the MLBPA is complaining about MLB’s participation in this program given that Mr. Rodriguez’s lawyer is also participating in the show.

“As to Mr. Bosch’s appearance, he is not controlled by us and is entitled to speak however he chooses about his interactions with Mr. Rodriguez.”

Original: Not long before Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch and MLB chief operating officer Rob Manfred appeared on CBS’s “60 Minutes” news program, the MLB Players’ Association issued a statement against Bosch and Manfred appearing on the show.

The MLBPA cited Manfred for violating the confidentiality of their collectively-bargaining drug program and for continuing to “publicly pile-on Alex Rodriguez,” and also added that the union was considering legal action against MLB. “60 Minutes” will air Sunday night at 8pm EST on CBS, and will go in-depth with Bosch and Manfred revealing to the world exactly what kind of evidence MLB had against A-Rod, who was issued a 162 game suspension on Saturday. Here is the full statement:

“It is unfortunate that Major League Baseball apparently lacks faith in the integrity and finality of the arbitrator’s decision and our Joint Drug Agreement, such that it could not resist the temptation to publicly pile-on against Alex Rodriguez. It is equally troubling that the MLB-appointed Panel Arbitrator will himself be appearing in the “60 Minutes” segment, and that Tony Bosch, MLB’s principal witness, is appearing on the program with MLB’s blessing.

“MLB’s post-decision rush to the media is inconsistent with our collectively-bargained arbitration process, in general, as well as the confidentiality and credibility of the Joint Drug Agreement, in particular. After learning of tonight’s “60 Minutes” segment, Players have expressed anger over, among other things, MLB’s inability to let the result of yesterday’s decision speak for itself. As a result, the Players Association is considering all legal options available to remedy any breaches committed by MLB.

“Throughout this process the Players Association has repeatedly shown it is committed to an effective drug program that is strong and fair. And as we indicated in our statement yesterday, although we do not agree with the arbitrator’s decision, we respect the process and will act accordingly. We believe the other involved parties should do the same.”