Yankees Fans Test Your Knowledge, Play Name Your Yankee Edition Four


Okay, so you think you are an expert on the New York Yankees? Well, here we go with the fourth installment of “Name Your Yankee,” presented by Yankee Fan Dan. This is where the real Yankee fans step up to the plate and show their knowledge.

In case you have forgotten, here is how it works: I will provide you with a list of clues. You see how many clues it takes for you to determine who the secret Yankee player is. If you identify the player in four clues, then you are assigned to the single A team. If you only need three clues, you are in double A. Two clues will place you in triple A. If you do it in one clue, you have made the big leagues! The answer is revealed on this page.

Does that still sound easy? Well, here is the difficult part. You must identify the secret Yankee player from your knowledge and not from research. If you cheat, you will have to live with it until the end of your career. The ethics panel will ban you from baseball without the opportunity for reinstatement. So, don’t pretend the ball hit you and limp to first base. Okay, here we go.

Clue number one:  He has a 1.84 ERA this season.

Clue number two: He wears uniform number 48.

Clue number three: He is a left-handed reliever.

Clue number four:  His first name rhymes with moon.

Alright, how did you do? If you guessed that the secret Yankees player is Boone Logan, than you are right! In his major league career, Logan has a record of 21-12 with a 4.41 ERA. He has struck out 272 batters in 279.1 innings. Most impressive, is that he has nine strike outs in his last six innings. He and Joba Chamberlain give the Yankees an excellent lefty-righty combination for the seventh inning, when both are available. With David Robertson and Mariano Rivera to follow, the Yankees have the best bullpen in baseball.

Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t forget to check back next Thursday for another edition of Name Your Yankee.