Here Come The Yankees


Alright, do you know the words to the New York Yankees official song “Here Come The Yankees,” which was composed by Bob Bundin and Lou Stallman in 1967? I bet you know the first line: “Y-A-N-K-E-E-S.” But how far can you get after that before you get stuck?

Since 1967 Yankees’ fans have endeared the song. It played the day Reggie Jackson smacked three home runs in the final game of the World Series. It played the day Bucky Dent floated the ball over the Green Monster in the one-game playoff victory over the Boston Red Sox. It played the day the crowd chanted “Paulie” to honor Paul O’Neill. It played the day Derek Jeter leaped into the stands and came out with a black eye.

It is a golden oldie that never gets old, a classic that lives joyfully from era to era. It is baseball’s answer to “The Notre Dame Victory March” and The Harlem Globetrotters “Sweet Georgia Brown.”

“Here come the YANKEES

Let’s get behind and cheer the YANKEES

They’re gonna learn to fear the YANKEES

Everyone knows they play to win, cause…”

The process was meant to be. Bundin and Stallman were associated with CBS Records.  CBS Records, of course, was owned by CBS. CBS, at the time, was the parent company of the Yankees.

“They’re the New York YANKEES

Show them today why you’re the YANKEES

No other way when you’re the YANKEES

Wadda ya say we win a brand, new, ballgame”

It has survived the Beatles, Disco, Rap, Hip Hop and even Justin Bieber. That is no easy feat. In the hearts of Yankees’ fans, it will always claim the top spot on the charts.

“We’re gonna shout when ya powder the ball

We’re gonna scream, ‘put it over the wall’

The other team’s gonna know what it means to play the


We love the Yankees

Shout it out loud we love the YANKEES

We’re really proud of our YANKEES

And we’re gonna win today

2,3,4,Hit,Run,Fight,Score Go!Go! Go!



So, have you got it now? Well, what are you waiting for? Start spreadin’ the news…

Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports