Yanks Go Yard Radio Show: Red Sox vs. Yankees Preview (4/1-4/4)


Opening Day is finally here Yankees’ fans! After an offseason of payroll talk and bargain signings, the chance for the 2013 Yankees to defy low expectations is finally here. The Yankees will begin to try to weather the storm of not having some of their best players such as Curtis Granderson, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Texieira, and the captain Derek Jeter. The pitching will be called on to cover the hole and then some for the team to get through April. It all starts Monday afternoon as CC Sabathia takes the mound on Opening Day against the archrival Boston Red Sox.

Opening Day brings an old rival with a new face as

Jackie Bradley

Jr. will make his anticipated debut with the Red Sox . (Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)

For the Red Sox, it is a team that also comes in to the 2013 season with injuries and low expectations despite an old face returning to dugout in former pitching coach John Farrell. Farrell now holds a higher power in the Red Sox clubhouse as the manager. However, they come into opening day without their star hitter David Ortiz and shortstop Stephen Drew. Last year, injuries hurt the Red Sox and now they have to stare across the diamond on opening day to find their former third baseman, Kevin Youkilis in the enemy dugout.

There is hope for the Red Sox as a new season brings a new face to the rivalry in Jackie Bradley Jr. Bradley Jr. will be the starting left fielder on Opening Day and will look to be the youthful spark that the team from Fenway needs. These two former AL East superpowers will look to the strength of their rotation to carry them through some rough patches this year. This series can go a long way into calming some early season nerves or create panic amongst both of these huge fanbases.

On the first installment of the Yanks Go Yard radio show for 2013, I talked about some of the latest Yankees’ roster moves and give my AL East predictions which may surprise some of you fans out there. Also, I spoke with Stephen Peterson, the editor of BoSox Injection to talk about things from the Red Sox perspective. Keep in mind, the show was recorded last Friday. On the show,  we talked about the following:

  • Boston’s starting pitching
  • Bullpen concerns?
  • Stephen Drew to the DL
  • Should Jackie Bradley be on the roster?
  • Yankees without Mark Teixeira
  • Opening Day Atmosphere