Typical New York Yankees Fans


Some say it’s easy being a Yankees fan. I’d like to contest that statement to a degree. Sure, I can’t get enough of the winning that goes along with being a Yankees fan. It’s the major benefit of being a Yankees fan. Then we get into the activities that take place off the field. No, I’m talking about in the front office I’m talking about in your living rooms, water coolers, and online discussion boards like this very one. Yes, I’m talking about you. Well, not all of you, but some of you.

Oct 14, 2012; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees fans hold up signs for shortstop Derek Jeter (not pictured) during game two of the 2012 ALCS against the Detroit Tigers at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of knowledgeable Yankees fan around the world. It’s just sometimes those select few ruin it for some of us. This post may open up some of your eyes. Some of you may actually change your ways. Others will call me a hater. Despite what you think, here are some ways you can tell if you’re a typical Yankees fan.

You may be a typical Yankees fan if you overrate Derek Jeter. Jeter is one of my favorite players. Let’s get that straightened out. However, he’s also become one of my least favorite players to discuss will fellow Yankee fans. Recently on twitter the Yankees account tweeted for us to hashtag Derek Jeter so he can win Face of the MLB. If you know my account you know this annoyed me. The face of the MLB cannot be in his late 30’s. If that’s the case baseball has a serious problem. The face of the MLB is Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, or Matt Kemp. Give it to Justin Verlander or even David Price if you have to. Just don’t give it to the man who’s balding.

You may be a typical Yankees fan if you criticize Alex Rodriguez ever chance you get. With the recent reports of Alex Rodriguez being linked to performance enhancing drugs again, all the A-Rod haters came back. Actually, I’m not sure they ever left. It’s pretty annoying how much we can love Derek Jeter, but hate Alex Rodriguez. It must have to come from off the field actions because Alex Rodriguez has been a better player than Derek Jeter over his career. It’s just that simple. I once had to explain that Alex Rodriguez didn’t “suck”. Rodriguez is a top 20 player of All-Time. Keep hating.

You may be a typical Yankees fan if you like Mark Teixeira. This may seem a little extreme, but my reasoning is justified. Mark Teixeira might be the most annoying Yankee I have ever watched. He’s goofy and overrated. A horrible combination for me. He’s an excellent first basemen, but first base is perhaps the easiest position to play on the field. The Yankees get little value from a great defensive first basemen. Secondly his hitting is streaky. Has Mark Teixeira ever done well in the first two months of the season? This trend is his most annoying quality because it pertains with what’s happening on the field. In Teixeira’s first four seasons with the Yankees his wRC+ has been on the decline. It has gone from 142 to 128 to 125 to 116. This is not a favorable trend moving forward. Finally we have Teixeira’s base running. While it looks like he’s running hard he’s not. Well he is trying, but he’s so slow. Tex rounds second with his cheeks inflated like a impregnated blow fish. See here.

You may be a typical Yankees fan if you believe the rest of the league is a farm system. This is a fan pet peeve of mine. The Yankees certainly have not been shy in signing some of the best players in the league. Even though that hasn’t been the case as of the last two off-seasons fans still want the best player on the market. That’s either through free agency or a trade. The Mariners aren’t going to take your proposed deal of Phil Hughes and Eduardo Nunez. Despite what you may believe some general managers know who’s a good player in the league. I know, astonishing!

Last thing, if a player decides to not come to the Yankees it doesn’t mean they’re afraid to pitch in New York. When Cliff Lee signed with the Phillies instead of the Yankees a few off-seasons ago he did it because he loved Philadelphia. I can tell you he wasn’t afraid to pitch in New York by seeing his domination over the Yankees in the 2009 World Series and the 2010 American League Championship Series.

Don’t be a typical Yankees fan, please.