Yankees News: No word yet from Andy Pettitte or Mariano Rivera


As families across the United States begin preparations for Thanksgiving Thursday, the New York Yankees remain unable to make significant moves to their 2013 roster due to the indecisiveness of Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera.

Yesterday, we spoke about Hiroki Kuroda‘s potential move back to Southern California so he could be closer to his young daughters. Pettitte, according to a New York Post report is not expected to make a decision this week. If anything, Brian Cashman said there is a chance that he’ll get word from Pettitte’s agents with word that he’ll be coming back in 2013 or maybe a salary that he is looking for next season.

"He could tell his agents, ‘I want to play and find out what [the Yankees] are looking at.’ Or he could give us a number."

Andy Pettitte could firm up his timetable for a decision on his return this week. (Image: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports)

This is all pure speculation on Cashman’s part. While he does expect Pettitte to return, he was never given a specific timetable for a decision.

As for Mariano Rivera, the commercial spot he shot Nov. 9 was released by MLB.com yesterday. You can see it here. Rivera tossed 25 pitches that day, but one pitch without a baseball signaled the all-time saves leader would be returning to the Yankees in 2013.

"I didn’t want to go out like that. But at the same time, we haven’t discussed anything. We’re talking, so hopefully we’ll finalize everything. I have something left. Give it a shot, why not?"

The Yankees and Rivera have not had much movement on negotiations since then with Cashman telling the Post, “There is nothing to report.”

Both Pettitte and Rivera are going to make significant salaries so their decisions have a large impact on what Cashman does elsewhere for the upcoming season and beyond. At this point, it doesn’t seem like there is anything else on the horizon where the lack of knowledge of the future concerning Kuroda, Pettitte or Rivera is impeding the Yankees plans. Cashman is taking a patient approach with the free agent market anyway.

"I’m ready to rock and roll, but it’s hard for players and agents to move early if they feel there could be more options later. You can overpay if you jump in too early and I don’t want to do that, but that won’t prevent me from doing something if I think it’s the right thing to do."

Ibanez back in the Bronx?

Raul Ibanez would love to come back to the Yankees in 2013 and there is mutual interest from the Yankees. Ibanez understands that his part would be an ancillary one when compared to the rotation decisions and the need for a full-time right fielder.

"“I know they have certain needs that they need to go after first. I’m open to anything. I’m looking forward to an opportunity to play in The Bronx again. That would be great."

So, a lot of speculation and no movement with the Yankees just yet. Once Kuroda and Pettitte make their decisions Cashman will be able wrap up negotiations with Rivera and to jump into the market to either find new starting pitching and/or deal with the rest of the roster.