Yankees News: Cashman on Jeter, Rivera, Kuroda, Pettitte and Pineda


New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is in Indian Wells, California for the first round of GM meetings and touched upon some housekeeping items with the media.

Derek Jeter is on track for Spring Training according to Yankees general manager Brian Cashman. (Image: Noah K. Murray/THE STAR-LEDGER via US PRESSWIRE)

Cashman says that Derek Jeter will be ready for Spring Training. Jeter is still off his feet according to a New York Daily News report, but he is rehabbing the fractured left ankle. Cashman acknowledged Jeter will be unable play for the United States in the 2013 World Baseball Classic. If there is one thing we know about Jeter it is that he is all business when it comes to the game. He will work as hard as it takes to be back as soon as he is capable.

On Mariano Rivera

Cashman said that hammering out a deal with Rivera is on his docket but there is no set time frame to get the deal done.

"He obviously wants to be here, and we want him back. That’s the hard part. So I’m confident we’ll be able to work through the issues, whatever they are."

The Yankees are compelled to try and lower Rivera’s salary from the $15 million he was paid this season because of his age and due to the injury he sustained (torn ACL). Rivera is certain to feel that he is worth that much money. It could be a while before Rivera is locked up.

On Hiroki Kuroda

Cashman seemed to place a priority on retaining Kuroda. Cashman offered Kuroda a qualifying offer for one-year/$13.3 million last week which the right-hander has until tomorrow to accept. Kuroda performed better than many expected after signing a one-year/$10 million deal last offseason. Kuroda has claimed to be fine with playing on one-year contracts. Cashman would be elated to have him back.

"I would like to have Hiroki Kuroda back. He’s been a pro. He was arguably our best pitcher. He had a great year. I’ve been after him for a long time, and I’m hoping it wasn’t just a short-term, one-year situation for us. He’s a good man and I’d love to have him back."

On Andy Pettitte

The Yankees would be happy to have Andy Pettitte back in the rotation in 2013. (Image: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports)

Pettitte has told the club that he will not take too long in making his decision and Cashman is fine waiting for his answer. Pettitte returned from retirement this season but sustained an ankle fracture when a line drive came back at him. Much like Rivera, missing a good portion of the season may have left Pettitte feeling unfulfilled. Cashman feels the same way.

"I hope he plays. I believe that it’s in his blood that he wants to play. I believe that, but it doesn’t guarantee anything. But I think he wants to play, and I’m hoping he’ll call and tell me that."

On Michael Pineda

Cashman mentioned that Pineda is throwing off flat ground and is on schedule for a return in late May or June. He was also very cautious about the impact Pineda would have in 2013.

"In fairness to him and the significant injury he had to that shoulder, I think we’re going to put him off to the side,” Cashman said. “His rehab will take him into late May, June. I think it’s best for us to pretend he’s not even there, and then have him sneak up on us. And I hope he does, but I’m not going to count on him. I don’t think that’s going to be fair."