A Look Back At Some Yanks Go Yard Pre-season Predictions


With the season just about over, I thought I’d take a gander at some of our predictions from April. Making picks at the time were Ricky Keeler, Matt Hunter, Ran Shulman (???) and myself. Let’s take a look-see and marvel at how foolish we all were, and how we should have heeded John Sterling’s advice.

What’s surprising is that I actually hit a few nails on the head.

My AL picks were:

"Yanks, Tigers, Angels. WC: Rays, Rangers"

Two out of the three divisions and three out of the five playoff teams isn’t bad, I suppose.

My NL picks were:

"NL East: Bravos; NL Central: Reds; NL West: Fake G-Men; NL Wild Cards: Phils, Marlins (It was tough leaving the Nats off the WC list. I think they make a big run this season. Now that I’ve put that in writing they will finish 30 games under .500)"

Son of a didley. Again, two out of the three divisions isn’t bad, but “It was tough leaving the Nats off the WC list. I think they make a big run this season” really galls me. Why was I such a little biatch about that? Ugh. Moving on.

My ALCS was Yanks over Tigers, so I had the teams correct albeit the wrong outcome. I’ll take it, I guess.

“Next time maybe they’ll listen.” (Image: David Richard-US PRESSWIRE)

My AL MVP was Albert Pujols, my AL ROY was Jesus Montero and my AL Cy Young was Ervin Santana. Here’s what followed my Santana pick: “Mark my words: Phil Hughes will get at least one vote for the Cy Young this year. I’m not saying he’s going to win, or even that he’s going to deserve it, but he will get at least one vote. I’m taking bets if you think I’m full of sh*t.” OK, I don’t feel so bad about that Nats pick now.

My NLCS was Fake G-Men over the Bravos, so I had only one team correct but the proper pennant winner. Could’ve been worse, I could’ve picked Ike Davis to win the NL MVP. Oh, wait:

NL MVP: Ike Davis; NL Cy Young: Cole Hamels; NL ROY: Bryce Harper. At least one of those will come true, and it ain’t Ike or Cole.

My World Series was Yanks over Fake G-Men, so I guess I can take solace in knowing I had one team correct. However, presented without comment:

"WS MVP: Swish Dog"


I’ll spare the other guys the indignity of making snarky, unfunny comments about their picks

Ricky had some diesel picks. His AL picks were were:

"Yanks, Tigers, Rangers. WC Rays, Angels."

He had the Tigers over the Yanks in the ALCS, Miggy as the AL MVP and Verlander as the Cy Young. GET THIS KID TO VEGAS! Although his AL ROY pick of Matt Moore has no shot thanks to Trout.

His NL picks were:

"Bravos, Cards, D’Bags. WC: Fake G-Men, Phils."

His NLCS was Phils over the Cards and his WS champ was the Tigers, which, of course, can still happen.

He’s got Prince Fielder as the WS MVP, Justin Upton as the NL MVP, Tommy Hanson as the NL Cy Young and Bryce Harper as NL ROY.

Matt also had some good picks. His AL picks were:

"Yanks, Tigers, Rangers. WC: Red Sox, Rays."

His ALCS was Yanks over the Sox, his AL MVP was Jose Bautista, his AL Cy Young was CC and his AL ROY was Matt Moore.

His NL picks were:

"Bravos, Reds, Fake G-Men. WC: Phils, Rockies."

His NLCS was Bravos over Fake G-Men, and his WS winner was the Yanks. His WS MVP was A-Rod, his NL MVP was Justin Upton, his NL Cy Young was Zack Greinke and his NL ROY was Anthony Rizzo.

Ran’s picks were much of the same:

"Yanks, Tigers, Rangers. WC: Rays, Angels."

ALCS: Rays over the Rangers, AL MVP: Adrian Gonzalez, AL Cy Young: Felix Hernandez, AL ROY: Matt Moore.

His NL picks were:

"Marlins, Cards, Fake G-Men. WC: Bravos, Reds."

NLCS: Cards over Marlins, NL MVP: Joey Votto, NL Cy Young: Zack Greinke, NL ROY: Drew Pomeranz.

His WS was Rays over the Cards with David Price taking MVP honors.

In all the picks were solid with Ricky the only person with a chance to still have his World Series winner come to fruition. It doesn’t look good for the Tigers now, but maybe they turn the tide in Comerica.