What it was like to go to the Yankees’ AL East Clincher


Last night was one of my favorite moments as a Yankees fan. Back when I found out I had Yankees vs. Red Sox tickets for the final day of the season, I figured that either team would already know their fate as far as the division goes. Well, I was wrong. Game 162 meant a lot to the New York Yankees’ organization. While they already clinched a playoff spot the Yankees were given the opportunity to win the American League East Division title. Which means a lot more now than it has ever had since the installment of the new playoff system.


From the get go the Stadium was rocking and full of optimism. The “Boston Sucks” chants were in full force and Yankee Stadium was packed despite the forecast showing a 30% chance of rain. The optimism that filled the stadium didn’t leave when Boston scored a first-inning run. For some reason everyone in Yankee Stadium knew it would be all Yankees from that point on. The Yankees won 14-2, led by Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano who combined for 6 hits, 10 RBI, and 4 home runs.

There was no need for scoreboard watching.  The only time I considered the scoreboard’s existence was when I saw that the Orioles and Rays reached the 9th inning in Tampa Bay. I leaned over and spoke to the gentlemen sitting next to me and said, “The Rays are about to clinch for us.” That’s when the scoreboard read TB 4 BAL 1 and next to it the magic letter that we all waited for…F.

Here is a video from my section when that moment struck.

From then on the Yankees poured more runs on. Eventually the game sort of dragged out, but when Garcia struck out Ivan de Jesus to end the game, the stadium reached another high point.

I also have a video of that.

People were giving high fives to complete strangers. It was a community of Yankee fans coming together and sharing the reward of a long season. It’s a memory I will always cherish as a Yankees fan. It’s something I wish all fans get to witness at some point in their lives. It’s something that you can only describe through your feelings rather than your words. The New York Yankees are the 2012 American League East Division Champions and I was apart of it.