Comparing Breaking Bad Characters To Yankees


If you don’t watch Breaking Bad, you’re doing something wrong (and probably won’t get this post). It is one of the best shows on television and could be the best show of all time. I’ve decided to take my love for it and combine that with my love of the Yankees.

Below are some comparisons of characters from Breaking Bad to Yankee players.

Warning: some spoilers lie ahead

Joe Torre = Gus Fring Gus, much like Torre, was the man. Each guy ran his respective business phenomenally for well over a decade and had a great track record at work. There’s no denying either of these men knew what they were doing. However, there comes a time when a change is necessary. In Gus’ case, Walt had to get rid of him so he could take over; in Joe’s case, the Steinbrenner’s had to get rid of him because he was managing on cruise control and lost his edge.

Derek Jeter = Walter White No matter how you slice it, Derek Jeter is the star of the Yankees. He’s the biggest name on the team and has been around the longest. Much like Walt, Jeet has been there since the beginning of the dynasty and whatever he does we’ll always root for him. Jeet is the captain of the Yankees just as Walt is the captain of cooking blue.

A-Rod = Jesse Pinkman You could say that A-Rod and Jeter are the two biggest stars on the team, much like Walt and Jesse are the biggest stars of Breaking Bad. On the show, Walt and Jesse say they’re equal partners but everyone knows that Walt wears the proverbial pants in the relationship (as evidenced by how Walt pretty much brainwashed Jesse into dumping Andrea earlier this season). Over their careers, A-Rod may have put up better numbers than Jeter (like how Jesse has put up better numbers in the drug game) but he’ll never get the respect from Yankee fans that Jeet gets (whether that’s fair or not is another story). Thus, A-Rod is Jesse to Jeter’s Walt.

Raul Ibanez = Mike Each guy came from Philadelphia and is as old as dirt. Raul has sneakily put up great numbers as a bench player this year while Mike sneakily handles Gus’ business. Each is a bad ass. Obviously Mike is more of a main character on the show than Raul is for the Yanks, but I still think the comparison holds.

Joe Girardi = Hank Girardi, of course, runs the team while Hank runs the DEA investigation. The players don’t want to cross Joe and get on his radar while the guys in Vamonos Pets don’t want to cross Hank or get on his radar. The one difference is Hank’s comedic value is through the roof while Girardi is about as funny as a wet fart.

George Steinbrenner = Saul Goodman Big Stein would do anything to help the Yanks succeed just like Saul would do anything to help Walt and Jesse succeed. Also, both have a criminal past.

Mark Teixeira = Walt Jr. Tex is a very robotic, by-the-books player who always says and does the right thing while Walt Jr. is very much a goody goody as well. They both seem like good people and respectable members of society, but Marky Mark doesn’t seem like he would be much fun to hang out with and neither does Walt Jr.

Russell Martin = Skyler White Russell has been infuriating to watch this year and Skyler has been infuriating to watch for the run of the show. However, Russ has been showing signs of life over the last few weeks while Skyler showed life this past episode.

Aaron Boone = Combo Boone was a Yankee for such a short period of time but obviously made a huge contribution to the team with that home run. Combo was on the show for a short period of time but made a huge contribution to the production of blue by selling Jesse the RV after they blew through the majority of Walt’s money at the strip club.

Roger Clemens = Tuco Each was a maniac and prone to violent outbursts, but also a master of his craft. You didn’t want to mess with either. Plus, Rog is no longer on the team like Tuco is no longer on the show. By this comparison, Mike Piazza is No-Doze.

Francisco Cervelli = Skinny Pete/Badger I love Cervelli, but it’s embarrassing to tell people he’s my favorite. Skinny Pete and Badger are awesome characters, but it’s embarrassing to tell people they’re your favorite. Plus, we haven’t seen much of any of the three this season.

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