Yanks Go Yard Podcast: 1st Half In Review


For me, the theme of the New York Yankees’ first half of the season was weathering the storm. They went through so many injuries whether it was in the beginning of the season with starter Michael Pineda or during the season with the loss of the best closer in the history of baseball (Mariano Rivera). There were questions with the age of the team and whether the bullpen could piece it together during life without Mo.

So far, those questions have been answered. Robinson Cano has put himself in the running for American League MVP, despite not picking Kansas City’s Billy Butler for the Home Run Derby. Derek Jeter is still leading the AL  in hits at age 38 and Curtis Granderson is once again among the league leaders in home runs. So, can the Yankees continue this surge in the 2nd half and beyond which begins Friday night at home against the Angels?

For this show, I went a little different than past shows. I brought in some reinforcements from this great site of writers. This show features Benjamin Orr, who also is a contributor to ReviewingtheBrew.com. On the show, we talk for 90 minutes about the Yankees’ 1st half and look ahead to some of the story lines and issues facing the Yankees in the 2nd half. Here are some of our topics:

  • Reaction to events from last few days
  • Yankees’ 1st half awards
  • Who has surprised and disappointed?
  • Biggest storyline in the 2nd half?
  • Contenders in the American League
  • Possible Trades
  • Division Picks

Enjoy the show and remember to tune in tonight at 8 EST for the first series preview show of the second half of the season!