Take it easy Yankees fans!


Admit it, you’re spoiled. I’m talking to the arm-chair general managers out there who want to turn over rosters every five days. Yea, we know, you’ve been a fan of the New York Yankees since you were an infant and you’re used to winning. Sure, fans can voice their opinions and boo their players, but some Yankees fans tend to have short-term memories which places them on the border of ridiculous at times.

You’re still used to the deceased bombastic Boss (RIP George) signing whoever he wanted, but frankly that didn’t always work out. Did it? But, you felt like he was trying to make the team better. You may also remember him bashing his own players and some of you as fans follow(ed) suit.

News flash to the “all knowledgeable wannabe GMs”, the current owners, his sons are trying to win too (and last I looked they were in first-place). They’re just going about it a different way. The new process of mixing in youth and growing from within will occasionally foster players who may never reach the potential we expected. The front office sticks with them simply because they are good enough and they come cheap. Maintaining a few players who are not now or may never be stars, allows for larger expenditures for the rest of the team and provides balance for the high-priced talent already rostered.

So we have to take a clunker from Phil Hughes and others in the rotation, (CC Sabathia, Hiroki Kuroda and Ivan Nova have each had them) along with the good starts. He’s not great and he hasn’t completely lived up to expectations, but he’s not Ed Whitson either. He’s the fifth starter. He’s healthy and he’s been productive recently and he’s done it against some quality opponents, so please don’t counter argue the “poor competition” defense.

For those Yankees fans wishing for the demise of Hughes or any other player; these actions don’t make you a fan, they make you the enemy. What benefit is there in hoping one of our players loses a game? Was yesterday’s game any more important in respect to another over the course of the entire season? Was it more important than Hughes’ last outing in which he shut down the NL East leading Washington Nationals? Was Hughes trying any less yesterday? Did he care more his last time out? Did you really forget his three previous starts or the fact that he had won 6 of his last 8 games?

I get it. It sucks to go to a game and watch your team lose. It’s unfortunate to sit at home on your couch and watch, or in your office chair listening to John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman spinning tales of grandeur, while the starter allows four home runs. But please don’t jump the gun either. Is it necessary to call for the guy’s job or head using your eloquence in 140 characters? Realize that this is a person who is doing his best to win. Losing doesn’t help Hughes, any other pitcher and obviously not the team. Did he sleep well last night? I couldn’t tell you, but rest assured he wants to win. He has millions of reasons to and he has the ability to do so.

Performing well is what every player strives to do. If they don’t succeed there is typically someone right behind them waiting to take over the role. Solid production earns the players higher salaries and longer contracts. So don’t judge a player’s effort because he’s had a bad game.

Go ahead and boo when a player runs straight to the dugout after a ground ball or pop up instead of hustling to first. He deserves it. Blast a pitcher who eats chicken wings and drinks beer in the clubhouse during a game.

Does Phil Hughes need to work on things? Yes. Does he deserve credit where it is due? Absolutely. Remember, how you treated him yesterday when he coasts through his next start. Many of you won’t, but will instead relish it if he has another bad day. It’s pathetic if you ask me.