Best of John & Suzyn: April


Love ’em or hate ’em, you can’t deny that John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman have some great moments in the Lowe’s Broadcast Booth. Here are some of the best from April:

“The Rays have one of those… what do you call those silver balls that spin around at discos? Disco balls?” – Waldman, 4/7/12 @ Rays

“As we hit the 3rd the Devil Rays have a 3-0 lead. Also, John, they’re no longer called the Devil Rays.” – Sterling, just having a conversation with himself, 4/7/12 @ Rays

“That’s the 14th strikeout for Yankees pitchers. And the Orioles pitchers have struck out 14. No wonder it’s so breezy.” – Sterling, 4/10/12 @ Orioles

“That was by far the most exciting win of the year. Even though it was only the second win of the year.” – Sterling, 4/10/12 @ Orioles

“I know I repeat myself, but I’m on the air for 4 hours every day.” – Sterling, 4/18/12 vs. Twins

“Jeter’s gonna be Top 10 in hits. Wow! In all of baseball. Gee!” – Sterling, 4/19/12 vs. Twins

“Swisher is standing on second base pumping his fist and yelling to himself like… yaaaaaaaay.” – Waldman, following the Yankees’ comeback from a 9-0 deficit, 4/21/12 @ Red Sox

“We’ll go down to Suzyn waiting by the Yankees dugout. When she finds the man she wants, she simply tackles him.” – Sterling, on Suzyn getting her Star of the Game, 4/23/12 @ Rangers