Dodgers Sold To Group Led By Magic Johnson


A group — Guggenheim Baseball Management LLC — led by former Lakers star and NBA Hall-of-Famer Magic Johnson and longtime baseball exec Stan Kasten (among others) agreed Tuesday night to purchase the Dodgers from Frank McCourt (not this one) for a record $2 billion.

This technically isn’t Yankee news, but in a way it is. You have to figure that after shelling out $2 billion the group will do whatever it takes to win. That is good news for the team’s manager, Don Mattingly, who, of course, is a NYY legend. You may remember he was unable to win a World Series with the Yanks as a player, and this new ownership could be just what the Dodgers need to put a winning team on the field. Hopefully he can finally get a ring (unless they have to go through the Yanks, obviously).

I have to believe that every Dodgers fan is ecstatic about the news; no longer do they have an owner who is going through a messy divorce and cutting corners at every turn. Now they can rest easy knowing they have legit owners. Insert generic Mets joke here

A couple of things I thought when I heard the news:

  • I had no idea Magic was into baseball. If he ever bought a team, I figured it would have been an NBA franchise. Although it clearly makes sense he would go for an LA-based team.
  • Where the hell did he get $2 billion? I understand he’s been successful in business ventures following his playing career, but that’s a lot of dough. I wonder how much each partner chipped into the $2 billion.

If you think I’m going to make an HIV joke, you’re wrong. I’m way too mature for that.

In honor of the sale: