Yankee Uniform Changes


I bet you fancy yourself quite the Yankee fan, right? You probably think you know everything about the team. You can name every year they won the World Series, you watch every game all season and you even cut school/work in 2009 for the ticker-tape parade. And when someone asks “have the Yankees ever worn a different style of uniform,” you say “no, dumbass. They’ve been rocking the pinstripes/grey roads forever” and roll your eyes.

Well get off your high horse, asshole, because it turns out they did alter them a little bit back in the day. The always-great Uni Watch did some sleuthing and discovered that for a brief, unknown period in the early ’40s the team wore road jerseys that had “New York” in a straight line across the chest. This is, of course, an aberration of the road jerseys you and I have come to know and love with “New York” in an arching font across the chest.

So I guess you kind of had a point with that aforementioned hypothetical situation where you rolled your eyes at that guy, but you really need to chill with that. Everyone thinks you’re a pretentious jerk.

Check out the Uni Watch post and you might learn a thing or two about the team.