Yankees Spring Training: Game 1


Baseball is back!

The Yankees kicked off Spring Training against the University of South Florida. And you can breathe easy, Yankees fans: the Bombers beat their college opponents 11-0. I know you were worried. Especially since these Spring Training games don’t count for anything. But regardless, baseball is back! So let’s get into it…

The Good:

The highlight of this game was the young guys. Of the 9 starters in the lineup, only three got hits (Curtis Granderson, Alex Rodriguez, and Eduardo Nunez). And the Grandyman was the only starter with an RBI. The bulk of the production came from the prospects and bench guys. Of course, credit should also be given to the pitching staff. Everyone was on today. As a group the staff gave up only 4 hits and allowed no walks. Some of that might have to do with the fact that the USF players were probably swinging away trying to get hits when they had the oppotunity (that’s what I would do). But still, very solid pitching today all the way around.

The Bad:

As noted above, there was virtually no production from the regulars. But in Spring Training you have to take stats with a grain of salt. Especially in the very first game of Spring Training. After all, Mark Teixeira and Derek Jeter aren’t going to hit .000 any more than Granderson will hold on to his 1.000 batting average.

The Ugly:

Nothing! As you can see, not a single pitcher had a rough inning, and there were none of those pesky injuries that are already starting to plague some other teams’ players (knock on wood).


Jeter, SS2100000.000
   Bernier, SS21200001.000
Granderson, CF10110001.000
   Mesa, CF4100005.000
Teixeira, 1B2000001.000
   Laird, 1B3110001.333
Rodriguez, 3B2010001.500
   Pena, R, PR-3B23210001.000
   Joseph, C, 3B1000000.000
Ibanez, DH1000001.000
   Vazquez, PH-DH2000002.000
   Garner, PH-DH11111001.000
Swisher, RF1000000.000
   Curtis, RF4221001.500
Gardner, LF1000000.000
   Almonte, Z, LF21241001.000
Nunez, E, 2B10100001.000
   Adams, 2B2011001.500
Molina, C2000002.000
  Gil, C2000002.000
Warren (W, 1-0)2.01000200.00
Marshall (H, 1)2.01000100.00
Burawa (H, 1)1.01000200.00