That’s So A-Rod: Special Diet Edition


I’ve been wanting to start a series of “That’s So A-Rod” posts for a while, because well, A-Rod has a tendency to do things that are so uniquely him. Remember the coconut water snafu? Or the cartwheeling, body-building women who hung out with him poolside? Pretty awkward. And yet, somehow not all that surprising when it comes to A-Rod.

But to Alex’s credit, news surrounding him has been pretty quiet this winter. Until this week, that is. Yesterday the New York Post‘s Page Six (yeah, I know) reported that A-Rod is “bringing his own food to restaurants in order to watch his diet as he prepares for spring training.” Sounds pretty ridiculous, right?

Well it turns out Alex wasn’t actually at a restaurant, but at a poolside cafe. According to the article:

"The Yankee slugger was spotted at the Mondrian Hotel pool in South Beach on Saturday afternoon having lunch with girlfriend Torrie Wilson. But A-Rod didn’t order from the menu — sources say he’s following a special high-protein diet and travels with a cooler of his own grub. Rodriguez was seen asking a waitress to heat up his special meal in the kitchen, while Wilson nibbled on the poolside cafe’s chips and guacamole."

That’s a bit more understandable. Personally, I’m happy to see that A-Rod is taking his diet so seriously. Hopefully he will have a healthy, productive season. And hey, any man who can turn down delicious chips and guacamole in favor of a high-protein anything has far more will power than I do.