Jorge Posada Press Conference Recap


The Yankees really know how to put together a great event to send a guy off. If you missed it, no worries – below is a short summary with links to the actual videos of the event. Fair warning: you should probably have a box of Kleenex handy.

  • Jorge gave a very emotional speech in which he said “I could never wear another uniform… I will forever be a Yankee.” He acknowledged Mariano’s impact on his five World Series titles (“We wouldn’t have any of those without you”) and joked with Derek Jeter (“I hope you won’t miss me too much”). You can watch his full speech here.
  • Thurman Munson’s widow, Diana, spoke about how Jorge brought her back to baseball and how she followed his progress in the box scores every day. She concluded by saying “I’m so honored to have loved two Yankee catchers in my life.” You can (and should) watch her entire speech here.
  • Long-time Yankees fans got a chance to thank Jorge and share what his years in pinstripes have meant to them. Video here.

As for future plans, Jorge said he doesn’t have anything in mind at the moment, and says he is looking forward to spending the summer with his family. It seems only fair that his family should have the summer with him, considering we fans have had the privilege of spending the last 17 summers with him.

Thanks for everything, Jorge. We’re going to miss you.