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VH1 premiered it’s latest reality show, Baseball Wives, last night, and let’s just say that it’s nothing short of a train wreck. As with all reality shows, the producers have chosen a cast which has no shortage of baggage and drama, at the same time giving a bad name to the larger group these women supposedly “represent.” Included in the cast is an ex-girlfriend of Nyjer Morgan (because they couldn’t find enough actual wives to participate?) and Jason Kendall‘s ex-wife, Chantel, who much of the drama seems to center around and who I actually feel for. Chantel revealed early in the episode that she has battled drug and alcohol addiction for the last twenty years, and that some of the men in her past relationships have been verbally abusive. (She didn’t say if Kendall was one of these men.) Regardless of her struggles, some of the other wives seem to judge pretty harshly, as if she is “less” than them.

Basically, if you are thinking of watching the show because (like me) you thought “hey, I like baseball, and these women are/were married to baseball players so they must be fans too!”, go ahead and skip the show because this is not the case.

All that said, Baseball Wives did remind me that I hadn’t seen Saturday Night Lives’s “Yankee Wives” skit in a while, so I looked it up and decided to share. This is what I wish VH1’s series was actually like. Also, I will never get tired of Derek Jeter, David Cone, and David Wells in drag, so any excuse to watch and rewatch this clip is a good one.