So You’re Telling Me There’s (Not) A Chance?


A bit of sad news comes from Mark Feinsand on twitter tonight: Jorge Posada said he still hasn’t decided if he will play in 2012 but he feels there isn’t “even a percentage of a chance that [he] can come back” to the Yankees.

He added:

"It’s a business. You look back and you wish there were some things that could have gone different, but they didn’t."

The only positive is that he seems to be handling it like a champ:

"There’s nothing I could control. Everything happened for a reason. I’m not bitter at the Yankees. I’m not bitter at Brian Cashman."

I guess that’s good. It would be a shame if all he had accomplished in pinstripes was tainted due to a bitter exit/hard feelings.

The catcher said that even though he’s been contacted by about five or six teams he’ll always be a Yankee. He feels he could still be a backup catcher/DH:

"I will always be a Yankee. It would be tough to put on another uniform for real, to learn another set of rules and all that stuff.If I have to be a backup catcher, I can do that. I can play first, I can come off the bench."

Posada’s wife, Laura, chimed in when Jorge was asked about playing for a new team:

"We live in Miami so…we love Miami. Nice transition."

Paging Ozzie Guillen and the Marlins…

It would’ve been nice to see Georgie return as a bench player but it seems like that is a pipe dream. If he still wants to play I wouldn’t hold it against him if he goes to another team. I’ll always root for him — even if he goes to the Red Sox. Yeah, I said it.