Is C.J Wilson worth $100 Million?


Even though most Yankee fans do not seem to care about the World Series, they should because of one pitcher that will be a free agent after the series. That is Texas Rangers’ pitcher C.J Wilson. Wednesday night, in Game 1, Wilson walked six St. Louis Cardinals during a no decision in ultimately a Texas Rangers’ loss. Over the last couple of weeks, it has been reported that Wilson might be asking for a contract of up to $100 million.

Now, it has been said numerous times that the pitching market is absolutely weak this season. While this is true, Yankee fans should not keep their hopes up that Wilson will be taking his glove to the Bronx next year even if CC does not come back.

The one main reason I have for that claim is his relationship with Cliff Lee. Last year, when the Rangers were beating the Yankees in the ALCS, everyone talked about Wilson’s mentor in his first year as a starting pitching. Who was that mentor? CLIFF LEE! You have to think Lee is advising Wilson to stay in Texas who has put him in a position to succeed and be the ace of that staff for a long time.

Second, you have to wonder about Wilson’s fatigue issues in October. He averaged only three walks per game in the regular season, but his six walks last night has to be an alarm for the Yankees who care about getting it done in the postseason. Wilson is 2-4 in eight starts in his playoff career so far and 0-3 with a 7.17 ERA this postseason.  So it makes you wonder if he is just another A.J Burnett who has good regular season numbers, but cannot handle the NY pressure.

Finally, the former closer has only been a starting pitcher for two seasons. Yes, he has done a good job in those two years, but with Phil Hughes still emerging as a young pitcher in the Yankee rotation, do the Bombers need another pitching project in the rotation with Hughes and Ivan Nova? I would pass because the Yankees’ history with relievers turned starters is not very pretty. If Sabathia does not come back, I would rather see New York look to the trade market or even Yu Darvish of Japan than overpay for C.J Wilson!