Uh Oh, Nats Fans Talking Trash


In case you haven’t noticed, Yanks Go Yard is a part of the Fansided network. Fansided has sites for pretty much every team in sports. I try to do my darnedest to support each site and not “come at” any of them. However, this opportunity is just too good to pass up.

Leslie Monteiro, of the Nats blog District on Deck, has taken it upon herself to take delight in the Yankees’ season ending. That’s fine. I get that there’s plenty of Yankee haters out there. I understand. But what she wrote is so…mind boggling…that I felt the need to FJM her ass.

Check it out after the jump.

What follows is what I wrote in the comments section, verbatim. I tried to be as diplomatic as possible while writing this, and Leslie and I have already spoken on twitter and she holds no ill will. So enjoy.

In case you are unfamiliar with FJM, what she originally said will appear as quotes and my response is in bold.

I hate to speak ill of another Fansided site, and I apologize if I come off crass, but this is the dumbest thing I have ever read.

"This is nothing more than the Yankees fans trying to cope with another disappointing season by their underachieving team. They have to feel good about themselves by degrading other teams. It says more about them as fans and people for them to do this."

Does it make you feel good about yourself by degrading Yankee fans? Hypocrite.

"Yankees fans are boycotting the rest of the playoffs, which is why ratings could be affected with New York being an influence. That’s too bad. By not watching the rest of the postseason, it exposes them as nothing more than fans who root for the Yankees since it’s a cool thing to do. This shows they are not even a fan of the game. They should be embarrassed."

I know plenty of Yankee fans, myself included, who are still watching baseball. I also know plenty of fans of teams who did not make/were eliminated from the postseason (coughcough PHILLIES coughcough RED SOX) that have boycotted the playoffs. But please feel free to single out Yankee fans.

Oh, and I’m sure Nats fans are just glued to their TVs this time of year. They don’t come to games during the regular season but they’ll give a hoot during the playoffs.

"The Cardinals and the Brewers have no use for each other, which is what makes the NLCS exciting. This started with Nyjer Morgan mouthing off on the Brewers in the regular season, and Chris Carpenter responded by screaming obscenities at the Brewers outfielder. Plus, both teams plunked each other several times this year."

Umm, Nyjer Morgan didn’t play when his team faced Carpenter. Also, if it were the Yanks and Sox , who despise each other, facing off would it not count?

"People should admire what the Rangers, Brewers, Cardinals and the Tigers have done. Not only have they won with a modest budget,"

Spending money = championships. It’s true, just ask the Mets.

"but they do it by drafting players and developing that well. What a refreshing concept!"

You mean like Jeter, Cano, Pettitte, Mo, Gardner, Phil Hughes, Joba, Posada, Jesus, Romine, D-Rob and plenty of others I’m probably forgetting?

"Still, they are always going to spend money of getting any free agents, and that’s not the way to go. It may have gotten them a championship in 2009, but it does not result to long-term success."

You mean like offering Jayson Werth a seven-year, $126 million contract? Because that most certainly did not result in success.

"Unlike the Yankees, the Rangers, Brewers, Cardinals and the Tigers are fun to watch. They don’t take long at-bats. They don’t perform gamesmanship. They don’t feature a manager that changes pitchers often in an inning the way Yankees manager Joe Girardi does for his team."

Yeah, Tony LaRussa NEVER changes pitchers; he always keeps it simple. **makes wanking motion**

And speaking out against taking long at-bats just shows how little YOU know about the game of baseball. My mind actually hurts after reading that sentence. I really hope you’re kidding.

"Those four remaining playoff teams have fun. They don’t have robotic personalities. They don’t take themselves too seriously. They know baseball should be a kid’s game"

Because fun always equates to winning. Did you ever think that they’re having fun BECAUSE they’re winning? How many teams have you seen have fun while losing? How many teams don’t have fun while winning?

"Yankees fans apparently don’t appreciate what those four teams offer for reasons unknown. That’s their problem."


"It’s great to enjoy postseason baseball for what it is. It should be about being entertained at this time of the year"

Yes, it is great to enjoy postseason baseball. No, it’s not about entertainment. It’s about winning ballgames. When (if) your team makes it to the postseason we’ll see how much more you value “entertainment” than winning.

"The Yankees don’t provide that."

They don’t provide entertainment because they’re a baseball team focused on winning. They’re not the f’ing Rat Pack up there drinking and cracking jokes. They were not put here for your amusement; they were established to win games, which they do more often than not.

"They are the type of organization people like to root against."

Because they win so often. Haters gunna hate.

"There is nothing to like about them. It’s not the way to enjoy baseball, and that’s why I didn’t shed a tear about the Yankees being eliminated last week."

Jealousy in unbecoming.

"It’s been great not to watch October baseball without being miserable,"

Leslie, I’ve got a feeling you’re going to be miserable for a LONG time, regardless of how the Yankees fare.

"and apparently, America feels the same way based on solid ratings so far in the ALCS and the NLCS."

Maybe the ratings are solid because, as you pointed out earlier, the games have been exciting.

"Who needs the Yankees?"

Not you, apparently. But there are millions of other people out there that do need them. And you can talk to me about fake fans when people show up to “Natinals” Park when Strasburg is not scheduled to pitch.

Conclusion: Leslie mad