Boston Meltdown: Do the Yankees issues look so bad?


Over the last 48 hours, the Boston Red Sox have been at the epicenter of the sports world, but for the wrong reasons. Their old general manager, Theo Epstein was given a five year, $20 million deal by the Chicago Cubs to become their new head of baseball operations. Their old manager, Terry Francona, apparently had medication and marriage issues that distracted him from doing his job, even though they went 80-41 after their 0-8 start. Finally, 3/5 of their starting rotation decided it would be fun to eat fried chicken, drink, and play video games while the collapse was unfolding in the middle of games!

Does this sound like the AL Champion? I don’t think so, not even on paper!

Now, we all know the Yankees have their offseason issues to address (CC Sabathia, Nick Swisher, Brian Cashman), but are they worse than what Beantown is suffering through right now? I don’t believe they are. The Red Sox will get healthy during the winter, but the question is not the team’s external talent, it’s the team internal pride.

Whoever the new manager and general manager is for the Red Sox has to deal with a team that bought into all the hype that ESPN gave them last offseason when everyone said they would win the World Series. The one thing the Yankees have over the Red Sox already is that there are no issues with management or amongst players in the clubhouse. It has become so bad in Beantown that David Ortiz actually is thinking about joining the Bronx Bombers!

Both teams have to deal with underachieving pitchers and lucrative contracts that are underachieving, but we know one thing. On April 5th, the Yankees’ biggest rivals might have a completely different look than they did a year ago.