Yankees-Tigers Game 3 ALDS Podcast Preview


The weekend at Yankee Stadium featured a lot of ups and downs for Yankee nation. Saturday night, second baseman Robinson Cano had a Yankee record 6 RBI’s including a grand slam in the 6th inning that shook Yankee Stadium and led the Bombers to a 9-3 win. However, last night, they did not get the offensive support for Freddy Garcia. Tigers’ starter Max Scherzer had a no-hitter through 5+ innings and their first baseman, Miguel Cabrera, had a 3 RBI game to help Detroit even the series.

Now, it is a best 2 out of 3 the rest of the way and it starts off with a great one tonight. Its the rematch of what was supposed to be Game 1 on Friday night. A lot of Yankee fans were giving up after yesterday’s loss saying they have no chance to beat Justin Verlander. Why? CC Sabathia actually has a World Series and he looked great with his fastball on Friday night compared to Verlander who could not find the strike zone in a 25 pitch 1st inning. We know CC can handle short rest, but will the Tigers’ ace handle it in front of a raucous Comerica Park? Even if the Yankees lose, I stick with my prediction that they win the series in five games!

Here is what I talk about on the Game 3 Podcast

  • Breaking down Games 1 and 2
  • Yankees with CC on mound in the playoffs
  • Verlander’s case of adrenaline
  • Better away from home is Verlander
  • Why the Yankees still have hope even with a loss
  • The re-emergence of Jorge Posada
  • Which star is due for a breakout game?
  • My whole take on the A-Rod booing
  • Twitter question
  • Game 3: Who wins?

Yankees-Tigers Game 3 ALDS Podcast Preview

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