Where Have You Gone A-Rod, Teixeira?


Two games into the postseason, and a roll-call is necessary for the Yanks offense.

Several Yanks have already made their mark on this ALDS, with Derek Jeter scoring three runs in the opener while adding a terrific throw home to nail a runner at the plate on a relay play.

Robinson Cano had a grand slam as part of his three hits in the opener so Robbie has contributed for sure. He also singled and walked in game two. Brett Gardner was hitless in two at-bats in the game two loss, but drove in a pair of runs and scored once in the Bombers rout in the opener.

The Yanks won game one of the ALDS despite pretty much a no-show from the middle of the lineup, as Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira combined to go 1-for-8 with a walk and a run scored, all from the latter.

The duo were even worse in game two, where a key hit or two could have made a big difference in the 5-3 loss. A-Rod was 0-for-3 with a walk, while Teixeira took a bagel in four at-bats. Either one of these guys, or maybe even both, needs to show up and have a big game three or the Yankees could well face a 2-1 ALDS hole.

For A-Rod it would make up for missing most of the season due to injuries. Teixeira, meanwhile, knows another strong regular season — at least in homers and RBI — will be meaningless if he doesn’t contribute in the postseason.

It’s game three of the ALDS, and for the team that loses tonight it will be getting late awful early, as Yogi might say, especially in a best-of-five playoff scenario.