Tigers-Yankees Game 1 ALDS Playoff Preview


Well, Yankees fans, tonight is the night! The New York Yankees start their quest for a 28th World Series Championship against the Detroit Tigers. Game 1 features a matchup between two of the best pitchers in the American League with CC Sabathia going against 24-game winner Justin Verlander. Both pitchers have been great this season, but have not been great against the other team in this series.

Most of the experts are picking the Tigers to win this series. I want the Yankees to come out and embrace the underdog role and make the stadium rock tonight! These two teams are even in a lot of categories, so I think this series will go the distance. You want to know my pick? Well you have to listen to the podcast to find out!

Here is what I talk about on the podcast:

  • Breaking down the Game 1 Pitching Matchup
  • Verlander’s walks against the Yankees
  • CC’s hits totals against the Tigers
  • Posada is the guy vs. Verlander!
  • Tigers guy to fear: Not Verlander, but Miguel Cabrera
  • New York lineup switcheroo
  • Tigers’ decision at 3B: Do they go with Inge?
  • Do Yankees have edge in rotation?
  • Come out and be the underdog!
  • Game 1 Prediction
  • Series Prediction!

Tigers-Yankees Game 1 Podcast Preview

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Enjoy the Game and GO YANKEES!