Brian Cashman: Can’t Knock The Hustle


With seemingly perfect timing, Deadspin drops the bomb that Brian Cashman had an affair during Spring Training in 2009. The story alleges that, in February or March of 2009, Cash and a woman who was not his wife were trailed in Tampa by a private investigator hired by the cuckolded husband, and the following pictures were taken:

The man in the picture vaguely resembles Cashman, but I don’t know what’s going on with his hair. I don’t think Bri would be caught dead with that ‘do. This leads me to believe that the story is BS. However, take a look at the following excerpt from the story:

"Yesterday, Deadspin contacted Cashman about the 2009 affair allegations and the private investigations surrounding it, and he reluctantly gave a “no comment.” This evening, at approximately 6:30, we followed up and offered to show him some of the photos. He accepted. We’ve been told by sources that he has already frantically contacted the woman (with whom he’s apparently still involved) and is now in full-on damage control mode. We are awaiting his full comment and will tell you more about this sordid tale of love and betrayal beneath the Tampa sun tomorrow."

That seems shady. Personally, I don’t care who Cashman bangs as long as he puts together a good team. However, I have no respect for adulterers and if this turns out to be true Cash should get what’s coming to him.

More on the story as it develops. Hopefully it’s nothing and Cashman doesn’t turn out to be the next Tiger Woods.