Cervelli Sent Back to NY With Concussion Symptoms


Before tonight’s game with Tampa Cervelli reported that he was feeling better and steadily recovering from the concussion he suffered on September 8. However, in the middle of catching and throwing drills he began to have what the Yankees are describing generally as “concussion symptoms” (likely nausea, dizziness, etc).

This is not Cervelli’s first concussion – he has had 3 during his time in MLB and several more when he played in Venezuela – so the Yankees are not taking these symptoms lightly. Cervelli has been sent back to New York to meet once more with a neurologist, and hopefully we will have more definitive news by tomorrow. However, regardless of what the doctor says it is highly likely that this latest setback will prevent Cervelli from making the postseason roster. If there is one thing professional sports has taught us over the past few years it is that athletes should never be rushed back from a concussion before they are ready.

So what does this mean for the catching situation on the postseason roster? Russel Martin is a lock, and so is Jesus Montero. If there was any doubt about Posada making the roster that doubt should now be gone. After all, Posada has hit .286/.375/.571 in September and has a plethora of playoff experience, so in my opinion he would have made the roster even before the loss of Cervelli. I don’t see Romine making the roster – he has shown some great skill behind the plate with the Yankees but his bat is lagging behind. And besides, he is very young and spent the majority of his season in Double-A so his play since his debut on September 11 would have had to be elite for him to even be considered for the postseason.