Georgie got juiced; Hall consideration


Prior to Sunday night’s debacle, the Yankees informed Posada that he will be used off the bench in a much more reserved role. He seemed to take it much better than the episode in May, but I have to think he’s fuming inside. He can’t be happy about getting shafted, yet again, against the Red Sox, yet again, just prior to a nationally televised game. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be benched, but there were better ways of going about this. But that’s another argument for another day.

Anywho, this seems to be the end of his career, or at least his career in pinstripes. Some AL team might take a chance on him at DH next year or a team might bring him in to learn some young backstop the ropes. Regardless, there is literally no chance he’s playing in the Bronx in 2012. This brings me to my next point: does Jorge Posada’s resume warrant Hall of Fame consideration?

I love Posada. He’s been a favorite of my mine for a long time, but I don’t think he gets in. A case can be made for him, but he’s borderline at best. A plaque in Monument Park: absolutely; a bust in Cooperstown: not likely.

Here’s why:

Jorge’s .273 career average is tied for 21st all time among catchers; his 1,052 RBI are 14th best; his 929 walks are more than Yogi Berra’s 704 and Mike Piazza’s 759, but his 1,440 strikeouts are third most all-time among catchers. That does not look good for him.

*all these stats are among catchers with at least 5,000 plate appearances

According to Baseball Reference, the average hitting HOFer boasts a line of .303/.376/.462 with 891 walks and 720 strikeouts, 210 homers, 1,214 RBI, 2,401 hits, 410 doubles and 111 triples in 9,004 plate appearances over 2,137 games. Joe HOFer also went to six All-Star games over the course of his career.

By comparison, Posada has put up a .273/.374/.474 line with 929 walks and 1,440 strikeouts. He’s homered 270 times with 1,052 RBI, 1,648 hits, 378 doubles and 10 triples in 7,080 plate appearances over 1,804 games. He’s gone to five ASG and won five Silver Sluggers. So, as I said before, he’s borderline at best.

Plus, JoPo’s 47.4 career WAR ranks far below that of former Yankees and current HOFers Bill Dickey (63.8) and Yogi Berra (71.4). Piazza’s WAR (66.7) also trumps ‘Sado’s. Not that those three are the be-all-end-all for HOF induction, but they set a pretty good bench mark.

The similar players to Jorge on Baseball Reference include Gabby Hartnett, Joe Gordon, Bill Dickey and Ernie Lombardi (among others, but these are the only four in the HOF). Damn near all of their numbers are better than Posada’s, including each player’s OPS+ except for Joe Gordon (121 to 120).

Not to mention his defense has been suspect, with 984 stolen bases to just 386 caught stealings.

The arguments for Posada include the five World Series rings (four of which he actually earned) and his ability to call a game, which many former Yankees have gushed about. Neither of those will really get you into The Hall.

Then again, if Phil Rizzuto can get in with less-than-stellar numbers anything is possible.