Yankees-Cubs Preview: Will Wrigley contain Yankee Bats?


With Interleague play beginning, the Yankees could not come into it any hotter. Even though they were swept at the beginning of the home-stand by the Boston Red Sox, they still managed to win six of their next seven games against first place teams in Cleveland (who is now in second) and the Texas Rangers.

The small parts are contributing to this Yankee team to help out the big bats who seem to finally be back on track. With that in mind, this should be a series the Yankees have no problem with. However, will that be the case? Click the link below to listen to the podcast and find out!

On this Podcast, you will hear the following:

  • Breakdown of the Pitching Matchups
  • The Emergence of Starlin Castro
  • Do Yankee Pitchers have clutch bats?
  • An Old Yankee looking to bring some power
  • Chicago’s young bullpen
  • My thoughts on Carlos Zambrano maybe being a Yankee
  • InterLeague Play: Good or Bad for Baseball?

As always, feel free to post your thoughts on how you think the series will go, Carlos Zambrano as a potential Yankee, and your take on InterLeague Play.

Yankees at Cubs Preview