Red Sox are the Yankees Daddy


So far this season, the Yankees cannot beat the Red Sox. It doesn’t matter if the games are played at Fenway or Yankee Stadium; the Red Sox continue to pound Yankee pitching. After Wednesday night’s 11-6 victory, the Red Sox have won 5 straight at Yankee Stadium and are 7-1 against the Yankees this season. 

There was a lot of talk after game 1 of the series about throwing at Big Papi because he flipped his bat after hitting a home run, and all the talk resulted in nothing as he hit a first inning bomb off AJ Burnett.  In my opinion, it makes the Yankees look pathetic not to retaliate in any way.  We all know the Red Sox pitchers have no problem throwing at Yankee batters.  That goes all the way back to the Pedro Martinez days.  I thought Joe Girardi was supposed to bring an attitude and toughness which would change that.

The Yankee pitching staff has got the job done all season, but facing the Red Sox lineup is much bigger challenge. Guys like Freddy Garcia and AJ Burnett are not good enough to beat the Red Sox and aside from CC Sabathia, the Yankees do not have anyone who can shut down the Red Sox line up.  Luckily for the Yankees, Sabathia pitches the final game of the series in which the Yankees hope to avoid an embarrassing sweep.

I know it is still very early in the season, but Thursday night’s game is as much of a must win situation as you can have at this point of the season. The Yankees cannot get swept again by the Red Sox.  It just doesn’t look good seeing them constantly lose to them.  It will also help if they are not down 3-0 before even getting an at-bat.  The Yankees just need to get a win against them to gain some confidence.  We all can see how confident the Red Sox are when playing the Yankees.

Right now the Red Sox have shown they are better than the Yankees in every aspect of the game; starting pitching, bullpen, line up, and defensively.  This all needs to change or else the Yankees will be looking up at the Red Sox in the standings for the rest of the season.  Remember this about the Red Sox, they began the season 2-10 and are now 35-26 and in first place.  That is very impressive and I see the Red Sox to continue playing at the level which they have been at the past few weeks.   The question is will the Yankees be able to keep pace?  A victory tonight would be a nice start.