Where Have You Been Derek Jeter?


All we have heard and read about the past month is whether or not Derek Jeter is done, or should he ask Joe Girardi to move him out of the leadoff spot and bat down in the lineup.  To be fair, Jeter is old; he is coming off his worst season, and has not looked very good at the plate all season.  Going into Sunday’s game, he had a total of 3 extra base hits and was a human ground ball machine.

Well on Sunday, Jeter temporarily shut up all the haters who doubted him.  Jeter had 4 hits, including 2 opposite field home runs.  They were Jeter’s first two home runs of the season.   The classic Jeterian swing was back.  In one game he raised his average 20 points to a respectable .276.

I am going to give some credit to the Texas heat for Jeter’s rejuvenation.  As an older player, the cold weather is not beneficial to him and that is all he’s experienced in the northeast.  Now that the weather is heating up, we could start to see more of the old Derek Jeter.  He might not be what he once was, but he has a lot of pride and is far from being done.