Do the Yanks have a problem scoring runs late?


It seems like the 2011 Yanks score early in games and then have trouble scoring later on in the tilt. They do boast a 13-8 record, sit stop the division with a two-game lead and carry a +26 (114-88) run differential, so they’re by no means struggling. However, it’s a little frustrating to see them not producing late in games.

I’d like to see the scoring spread out over all the innings, but runs are runs and I don’t care when they come as long as they come.

The team has scored 76 of its runs this season between the first and fifth innings and 38 from the sixth through extras. Take a look at how the other numbers drop late in the game too:

  • 1st innings: 24 R .333/.433/.609
  • 2nd innings: 20 R .295/.367/.614
  • 3rd innings: 9 R .183/.277/.338
  • 4th innings: 7 R .189/.302/.297
  • 5th innings: 16 R .293/.333/.622
  • 6th innings: 11 R .266/.322/.481
  • 7th innings: 6 R .155/.218/.324
  • 8th innings: 12 R .256/.318/.449
  • 9th innings: 5 R .178/.275/.422
  • Extras (four games, 18 AB): 4 R .333/.458/.444

It’s weird that they score so much in the first inning, considering how poorly Jeter is playing this season. And I suppose it makes sense that they don’t score often in the ninth because they played twice as many home games (14 H, 7 A) and usually win so there is no batting in the ninth. It’s just bizarre to see the splits so different from inning to inning.

As I said before, I don’t care when they score so long as they do and keep winning games. When they start scoring at a clip akin to the Twins or Padres, I’ll start bitching. Until then I’ll just keep my mouth shut and hope they can keep producing during any inning.